Two children on a hammock being bothered by Scottish midges

How to deal with Scottish midges

If you are considering a trip to Islay in summer, please don’t let midges put you off. These wee beasties have been chomping at us for thousands…

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Aerial view of Port Ellen on the isle of Islay

How to get to Islay

When visiting Scotland on holiday, our beautiful Scottish island really should be top of your list of places to visit. Famous for whisky, with 9 working…

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Rainbow heart representing LGBT movement, on the beach

LGBT+ travel on Islay, Scotland

Scotland is a diverse and inclusive place to visit, and Scottish people are famous for their warm and friendly dispositions. So gay travellers…

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A traditional Neapolitan pizza

A pizza history ...

Earlier this week, Google celebrated the pizza. The famous Google logo featured a pizza image, and when you clicked on it you could play …

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Thistles growing by the side of the road on Islay

Visiting Islay with an electric car

The electric car market is growing fast. With more and more people taking the eco-friendly option when choosing a vehicle. Electric cars …

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Lighthouse at Port Charlotte on the Isle of Islay

Short on time? Experience Islay in a day...

Islay is a wonderful island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, full of historic attractions, hidden gems, abundant wildlife and spectacular …

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View from The Big Strand beach on Islay

Best beaches before a Peatzeria feast

The isle of Islay is well-known for its magnificent beaches all around the coastline. But today, we are focusing particularly on those beaches …

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Bowmore walks to work up an appetite

Walks near Bowmore, Islay Looking for great Islay walks? Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best local walks near our pizza …

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Wide beaches on Lochindaal, Islay

Hidden Gems on Islay

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the hidden gems on Islay that you might not spot straight away, but that you really shouldn’t miss!

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Two glasses of whisky on a coastline

Islay - the island of whisky

How much whisky is too much whisky? Well that’s a trick question because you can never have too much whisky. And this is why we …

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