Peatzeria Reopening

Have you missed your fix of iconic Scottish pizza? Have your dreams been full of gooey cheese, locally sourced toppings and a combination of Italian bistro vibes and true Scottish scenery? Well, you won’t have to wait much longer. Your beloved Peatzeria, nestled in the heart of Islay, is making its triumphant return, reopening on March 1st 2024.

We know that our restaurant is well-loved by locals as much as tourists, and we’ve missed your company just as much as you’ve missed ours! But rest assured, the time away will own make your heart grow fonder, and we’ll be back with our brilliant food and impeccable atmosphere before you know it. If you’re counting down the days like we are, why not book in with us in advance? Give yourself time to get ready for a tantalising tastebud experience!

Book in today to taste locally-sourced pizzas like no other

For those unfamiliar with our work, when you book in for a meal at Peatzeria, you’re not just getting your standard pizza. We offer a huge range of delicious pizzas that focus on bringing mouth-watering Italian flavours together with traditional Islay ingredients. You can try our thin and crispy pizzas, or opt for a rustic focaccia oblong base.

A Peatzeria oblong pizza
The choice is yours!

On both of our bases, we offer everything from your standard (but still divine) margherita to something a touch more Scottish like the Glasraich, a tomato and pesto base with mozzarella, artichokes, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, red onion, olives and garlic! It doesn’t stop there, though. We know how much seafood and fishing means to the lives of Islay residents, and so we even sell locally-sourced seafood pizzas like our Islay Scallops pizza which is topped with local Islay scallops, parma ham, onion and garlic.

Parma ham with rocket
Locally sourced and delicious

Why not try something new?

For our regulars, you may well have tried our pizzas, but we also have equally as tasty pastas and mains available. If you’re heading to see us when we reopen on March 1st, why not try something a little different?

You could try an egg putanesca to start, an Italian baked egg with anchovies, capers, black olives, a spicy tomato sauce and garlic dipping bread, and pair it with anything from our linguine and beef meatballs or Scottish smoked mussel and nduja rigatoni as a main! For those fancying something a little less saucy, we even have PFC (Peatzeria Fried Chicken, of course) available.

Takeaway or eat in

In a rush? Want to explore all of Islay while you’re here or popping in on your lunch break? That’s alright, we’ve got a brilliant takeaway menu with incredible pizza, pasta, slides and starters on. The two bases are still on offer, our thin and crispy or oblong focaccia, and we’ve got all sorts of toppings for you to take back to the office. You can even create your own if you’re feeling adventurous!

A takeaway Peatzeria pizza
Enjoy something from our takeaway menu

A lighter bite

We understand that a pizza isn’t always what the stomach wants or needs. For those (rare) times, we also have a brilliant sandwich menu on offer. Choose from the sourdough, olive panino or sourdough ciabatta bread and then pick your filling! We have tuna and cheddar, Scottish baked ham, mustard and cheddar, roasted Mediterranean veg, mozzarella and pesto mayo, crayfish and prawn Marie rose or mortadella, prosciutto, sundried tomato tapenade and mozzarella – there’s something for everyone!

Eat in or eat alfresco

With any and all of our meals, you have the choice of eating inside our Islay style bistro or outside looking over the stunning waters. If you opt for outside, why not try out our weather resistant igloo to keep you toasty while you enjoy your food?

The dome at Peatzeria
Eating with a view

Call or email us today to book a seat!