Peatzeria's delicious desserts

As far as we are concerned, a delicious dessert is the best way to finish off a fantastic meal. Whether you are going for the full three …

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Delicious pizza close up

Unusual pizza toppings

Scotland is known for many things, its lakes, mountains, whisky, and, of course, its food. Scottish food is incredibly varied, super tasty, and…

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Someone rating a place on their phone

Peatzeria: Read The Reviews

We are constantly monitoring our restaurant reviews and using the feedback to ensure Peatzeria is at the top of its game when it comes …

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Whisky barrels on the isle of Islay

Visiting Islay in the winter

Are you coming to visit us on Islay this winter? Avoiding the busy summer season has lots of advantages. You get to wrap up …

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A peaceful beach on the Isle of Islay

An eco-friendly holiday on Islay, Scotland

We are all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint as we go about our busy lives. In everyday life, we have our energy-saving routines…

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A sunset through trees on a leafy autumnal woodland floor

Travel to Islay in Autumn

If you have decided to travel to Islay in autumn, you are in for a treat. As the summer months slowly fade, we are still able to enjoy beautiful …

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A group of visitors walking up the road on Islay

What to bring on your holidays in Islay, Scotland

If this is your first time visiting Islay then you might be wondering exactly what you can expect when you get to the island. What should…

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Two children on a hammock being bothered by Scottish midges

How to deal with Scottish midges

If you are considering a trip to Islay in summer, please don’t let midges put you off. These wee beasties have been chomping at us for thousands…

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Aerial view of Port Ellen on the isle of Islay

How to get to Islay

When visiting Scotland on holiday, our beautiful Scottish island really should be top of your list of places to visit. Famous for whisky, with 9 working…

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Rainbow heart representing LGBT movement, on the beach

LGBT+ travel on Islay, Scotland

Scotland is a diverse and inclusive place to visit, and Scottish people are famous for their warm and friendly dispositions. So gay travellers…

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