Close up shot of Christmas Tree with lights and gold baubles

Things to do on Islay this Christmas

Islay is a truly magical Scottish island, and even more so at Christmas time. The streets and houses are lit with twinkling …

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Beautifully wrapped gift with roses

Shopping on Islay - great gift ideas

Coming up with great gift ideas isn’t easy! Luckily for you, there are plenty of great gift ideas for men and women on Islay. Here’s our list.

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Three glasses of whisky

Islay whisky facts

Whisky production is one of the main industries here on the Scottish isle of Islay. Many visitors come here each year because they love Islay whisky…

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whisky barrels lined up by the water on Islay

Islay Whisky Tours

We welcome many visitors to the island each year, all coming for different reasons. A great number visit us because they have tried…

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Two glasses of whisky on a coastline

Islay - the island of whisky

How much whisky is too much whisky? Well that’s a trick question because you can never have too much whisky. And this is why we …

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View from above a glass of gin and tonic with a squeezed lemon on the side

Islay Gin to try with your Pizza

We’ve all heard of Islay whisky, but did you know Islay gin was a big deal too? So, if you’re popping in to Peatzeria for lunch or dinner…

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A selection of Islay whiskies on their dram glasses

Islay Whiskies to try at Peatzeria Restaurant

Islay is famous for whisky and there are many distilleries here. Our small island is the perfect location for producing rich, smoky, peaty whiskies. This is due to the abundance of peat we have in the ground, which gives Islay whiskies their signature flavour. It’s why we’re called Peatzeria after all!

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