Whisky barrels on the isle of Islay

Visiting Islay in the winter

Are you coming to visit us on Islay this winter? Avoiding the busy summer season has lots of advantages. You get to wrap up …

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A peaceful beach on the Isle of Islay

An eco-friendly holiday on Islay, Scotland

We are all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint as we go about our busy lives. In everyday life, we have our energy-saving routines…

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Family on a kayak with sunset

Family days out on Islay

Islay is such a wonderful place to visit, there is a reason that the isle is called the Queen of the Hebrides! It is packed full of natural beauty…

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Fresh young wild garlic

Foraging on Islay

Our ancestors relied on their knowledge of foraging to bring food to the table. In recent times, the closest we get to this is a …

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Panoramic aerial view of rocky shores, valleys and hills of isle of Islay

Peace and quiet on Islay

Islay is a beautiful island that is well-known for its whisky. But, if you’re after a bit of peace and quiet, where are the best places to go? We…

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A close up of a saxaphone

Jazz Things Up 2022

Here on Islay and Jura, we boast some of the best music festivals in Scotland. And with two years of cancellations, we are delighted to …

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A sunset through trees on a leafy autumnal woodland floor

Travel in Islay in Autumn

If you have decided to travel to Islay in autumn, you are in for a treat. As the summer months slowly fade, we are still able to enjoy beautiful …

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A flock of geese migrating on the west coast of Scotland

Searching for wildlife on Islay

Islay is a beautiful island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. A place renowned for its vast array of wildlife and magnificent natural landscapes…

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A deer standing in grass

Deer spotting on Islay

Spotting deer on your trip to Islay is a fun pastime to enjoy as you drive or hike around the island. Deer can pop their cute little heads up at…

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Close up of violin player in orchestra

Cantilena Music Festival 2022

Every July, the Cantilena Festival celebrates chamber music with the people of Islay, here in the Hebrides of Scotland. Cantilena began life …

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