Where to see Highland cows?

Tuesday is #coosday! A day to celebrate the mighty Heilan coo (Highland cow). This iconic breed of cattle originated in the Highlands, and has become a symbol of Scotland. Loved for their cute appearance and friendly personality. Everyone wants to spot a highland cow when they visit Scotland.

Highland cows on Islay

If you’re coming to Scotland on your holidays and wondering where to see Highland cows, we highly recommend a visit to Islay! Our beautiful isle in the Inner Hebrides is home to many of these hairy beasts. They roam all over the island. You’ll find them dotted around the rugged landscapes, on the Oa Peninsula, on the paths, in the fields, on the beaches.

Spotting Highland cattle

You’ll easily recognise a Highland cow by their shaggy hair and curly horns. Often their coats are ginger, but they may also be black, white, brown, yellow or silver. They need these long, shaggy coats to protect them from the harsh Scottish winters. They have a cosy undercoat and an oily outercoat, to keep them warm and dry. And their horns help them to find food in the grass and snow.

Look for them grazing

Highland cows spend most of their walking hours grazing, so look for them in grassy areas. They can eat up to 70 kg of grass every day. However, they also eat a variety of vegetation, including leaves, flowers, even nettles and pine needles!

Share your #coosday pictures

We love to see your Highland cow photos. Tag your best shots with #coosday when posting them on social media. Don’t forget to visit us here at Peatzeria during your visit to Islay, for delicious handmade pizza made with fresh, local ingredients. And tell us your favourite spots for finding Highland cows on Islay.