A double bedroom in Tarbert House Bed and Breakfast on Islay

Extended Stay Accommodation on Islay

Planning a trip to Islay this year and want to stay a little longer than a weekend? You’ll find long-term bed and breakfast accommodation is …

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Business people shaking hands across a restaurant table

Doing Business on Islay

The island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland welcomes business travellers all year round. Here at Peatzeria, we often serve up lunches and dinners for local companies and their guests.

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Blue sky and sea Bowmore Islay

Reducing our Plastic Footprint

Humans have been producing plastic waste for over a hundred years, and the effects on the environment are becoming more and more apparent as time goes by. Much of the plastic we throw away ends up as tiny fragments in the sea. An estimated eight million metric tons of it every single year!

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