whisky barrels lined up by the water on Islay

Islay Whisky Tours

There are 9 distilleries on Islay, with Bowmore being the oldest from 1779. Here is how you can book a tour.

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A traditional Neapolitan pizza

A pizza history ...

Earlier this week, Google celebrated the pizza. The famous Google logo featured a pizza image, and when you clicked on it you could play …

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Wide beaches on Lochindaal, Islay

Hidden Gems on Islay

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the hidden gems on Islay that you might not spot straight away, but that you really shouldn’t miss!

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A person hiking in their walking boots

Walk Islay Week 2020

Are you a keen walker? Or maybe you like the idea of dusting off your walking boots and heading to the great outdoors after a long and chilly winter? With Spring around the corner so is this year’s wonderful Walk Islay week!

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Finlaggan ancient ruins on Islay Scotland

Unearthing our Island’s Ancient History

Here, we are surrounded by history going back about 12,000 years. So, today we’re looking at ancient Islay history and fascinating Scottish archaeological finds.

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Blue sky and sea Bowmore Islay

Centenary of the Tuscania and Otranto Shipwrecks

This year is very poignant, as we mark one hundred years since the end of the First World War. One of the bloodiest wars in world history. And here on Islay, we mark the centenary of the sinking of troopships Tuscania and Otranto.

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