Peace and quiet on Islay

Islay is a beautiful island that is well-known for its whisky. But, if you’re after a bit of peace and quiet, where are the best places to go? We have put together a little guide on how to find some peace and quiet on Islay . . .

Where to find a bit of peace and quiet on Islay

For those craving that true relaxation that comes with some time alone with your own thoughts, here are some of the best places around Islay to find peace and quiet.

Scenic cycle routes

If you’re visiting any of the great Scottish isles, you are sure to experience plenty of awe-inspiring, dramatic scenery. The Isle of Islay is no exception. One way to explore is by taking a leisurely bike ride. You will definitely find some spots that offer the peace and quiet you are looking for.

There are a few different routes you could take around the island. You could try the Rhinns of Islay Sanaigmore Bay route that ventures over rolling hills and quiet tracks avoiding, for the most part, any road traffic or populated areas. Alternatively, you could take the route from The Cottage to Ardtella, a 24km journey, or Port Ellen to Ardbeg!

Ardbeg - Isle of Islay
Ardbeg – Isle of Islay

The choices are truly endless. You don’t even have to follow a set route. The countryside and rolling hills of Islay will bring you serenity and a sense of peace and quiet that you certainly wouldn’t find within the towns or cities back on the mainland.

Sanaigmore Bay

Sanaigmore Bay is based in a remote corner of the island that is easily accessible by bike or by car, and it is truly stunning. It is not one of the most popular beaches on the island, which means that you get to enjoy the restlessness of the sea but with some peace and quiet.

The bay is at the north-western tip of the island and is a fabulous place to enjoy time alone on the beach or dip your toes in the cool sea and wash away any of the stresses that come with the real world.

Bridgend Woods

Bridgend, one of the towns on the island, has a beautiful fairytale woodland that is definitely worth exploring when visiting Islay. It’s just off of Loch Indaal and is the perfect place to lose yourself in the wonders of nature and the amazing peace and quiet that such an environment provides.

Within the woods, you can expect to see snowdrops in the winter and bluebells in the spring. There are plenty of routes within the woods, one which stretches to the Woolen Mill, one which passes Islay House and the Community Gardens, or, of course, you can make up your very own route. Regardless of which journey you take, you will likely see lots of woodland animals, including red squirrels!

Once you’re done exploring the woodlands, you can wander around Bridgend and stop for something to eat. Or take the 6-minute drive to the Peatzeria for some delicious food.

Bridgend Woods and the river Sorn on the Isle of Islay
Bridgend Woods and the river Sorn

Boats and Kayaks

Another option for those looking for peace and quiet around the Queen of the Hebrides is to head out on a kayak or a boat around the isle. You can rent kayaks from companies around Islay and paddle your way around the isle’s wonderful dramatic coastline, and even into some of the beautiful coves.

As you journey around, soaking up the peace and quiet, you are likely to encounter seals, herons, arctic terns, guillemots, and even sea otters all going about their day as you go about yours – what more could you ask for?

And did you know we offer takeaway? You could really make a day of it with some delicious food for a picnic!